Friday, January 4, 2008

Dear god you've run out of ideas

Well, spam has once again returned to normal. I was greeted today by:

Dear friend,

I needed to contact you; it's due to a business
valued at $44,500,000 in my bank.

If you are interested, email me via this email:


Its nice sometimes when you know where you stand.

On the other hand I was listening to Lisa Tarbuck earlier today. The woman is obviously either completely incompetent or just depressed out of her vacant head. The music selection is enough to push even emo kids over the edge. Unfortunately for me, I've been unable to charge my iPod. Its Lisa Tarbuck, radio five live (racist, mysogynistic, misinformed pundits all round!) or question time for gardeners.

But a new low was acheived today! A balloon shaper, on radio. This equates half an hour of squeaky noises and Mr Tarbuck saying: Its very pretty! Its hard to describe on radio.

The logic escapes me....

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