Sunday, January 13, 2008

I can think of at least 3 good reasons to not constantly point out somebodies flaws.

Dear God I'm confused. NM/MM is now going to be BL for Buzz Lightyear, he brought it on himself, I can't be blamed for someone else's mistakes. YOu either are or you aren't and you can't just switch between one and the other and expect me to stay on my toes that much.

This is just my example of the day:
Go downstairs
But I want to...
Go downstairs
But- *slap*
Are you going to go downstairs?
*pouts* *receives another slap*
Now bend over...He he you do everything I tell you, even when it will hurt you.

I'm sorry, how am I supposed to interpret this? Do you come with a manual?

Of course I can't particularly talk.

Elena came over while I was out the other day. He can seemingly stay on his toes perfectly when that happens, and yet I can't handle a little mood swing?

Myergh, unworthy feelings coming back! Hurrah!

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