Friday, January 18, 2008

What they fail to tell you about when you quit smoking

For anyone who thought they might give up smoking for New Years and then, on waking up in a huge pile of fag ash New Years Day, decided that the nicotine habit was too nice to get rid of; Here is what you missed:

The introduction could just as easily have been: What they don't tell you about quitting smoking:

Nicotine is not that addictive. I know I know they've done all of those studies, the withdrawal is supposed to be worse than heroin withdrawal, just in smaller doses. BULLSHIT. I think the cigarette companies make this crap up to keep you smoking. Yes, nicotine withdrawal is bad, I'm not denying that. But if you distract yourself during the 5 minutes of pain then you're fine! And those pangs only follow you for about 2 days if that.

For creepy, Freudian reasons, its the sucking on something which is extremely addictive. I am going through what some people might call a withdrawal, but I really really don't want any nicotine. I just want to suck on something () and inhale. Currently a hollow lolly stick is doing almost as well as a cigarette. But why? And why does no one tell you that you'll be fine but a bit bored and jittery not sucking on a nicotine teet? Why?

You can no longer feel comfortable eating crap - Again, total surprise to me. I am one of those fortunate people who can eat as much as she wants and not put on a pound. (It was pointed out to me that as I never want to eat anything this is a moot point, I will still continue to boast about it) I like my chocolate. Before I would eat nothing but chocolate all day and then some vegetables in the evening. No more! Every time I want to put that chocolatey goodness to my lips my stomach protests, and I weep. I can't eat fruit, and too much bread will kill my already struggling digestive system, what to do?

Which brings me neatly to my next point:

Your colon will not know what hit it Again, what the hell? Cigarette companies want you to know that you'll have horrible, excrutiating cravings (for all of 5 minutes a day) but they won't tell you that moving 10 metres from the toilet makes you an official Level 2 Biohazard? Why? Surely it would be a better deterrant? Or is it the fear you like? THE FEAR!

Cigarettes change your personality - I am happier, a lot more tired, but happier, than I was when I was smoking. I feel almost (please note I say almost) exactly like I did before I started smoking. Bear in mind that I started smoking just before being made homeless, living in a drug den, living with FF, being raped, being molested, going through some sort of financial hell etc etc etc. Lots of shite has happened in the meantime. Trauma is still there, but I somehow feel lighter.

The last point could be because BL (a.k.a. NM/MM) is living with me. Oh wow it's wonderful! I will not gush to the internet, I bitch to the internet, its the relationship we both know and love. But Ooooooh!

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