Friday, January 11, 2008

Importance is a 4 letter word.....honest

What is important in a relationship is something you define yourself. Which is a bit of a bitch for me. I am not defined, so defining my surroundings seems quite arbitrary.

Is it important that your innermost desires are filled? Or is it important that you care about that person?

This is prompted somewhat by my ex constantly asking me: Do you love him? Do you? Do you? Do you? And my being utterly incapable of just yelling: YES NOW LEAVE ME ALONE! at him.

Hmmm. List time I think. Mostly to ensure I don't have to work for another hour, but also for fun.

Pro's of NM/ex-MM
Makes me laugh
Is incredibly sweet
Knows a lot - I like to learn
Actually wants to do something with his life
Seems to get on with Elena (?)
Very good at being Master-esque
The body, oh my dear sweet Jesus that body...
I should probably mention the sex as a side note
Likes to listen to my stories
Can swing with the mood swings....somewhat

Con's of NM/ex-MM
Can be selfish on an unprecedented scale
Doesn't seem to understand the reality of work
Will be leaving to join the navy
Not to seem like I'm running out of things to say, but he can be unbelieveably selfish.
Secretly needy
Doesn't actually enjoy being Master-esque, just seems to do it for me
Is a....utilitarian
Has little interest in American politics or religion, my 2 main passions
Has no respect whatsoever for any culture other than English culture
Seems to be a little racist
Makes me feel wholly inadequate at every turn without trying
Oh dear god the selfishness

I don't know. I should probably stop this now. Its getting fairly depressing.

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