Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I am Fishy!

Oh! I love going on dates. Especially with gorgeous men in army uniform. Even more so when it involves going in to London, best city in the world damnit! (puts inappropriate civic pride in a drawer and locks it)

Can't wait until next Wednesday when the Shunt Lounge re-opens. My favourite place in London, my favourite man, alcohol and art. Hmmmmmmmm *sighs*


We went to Leicester Sq to go to one of the many many Odean's there. I should know by now that you don't go to Leicester Sq unless the man in question is quite rich. But hey, I see it as a test of gall. Not so much, how much are you prepared to pay but more, what is your reaction going to be when they tell you how much a ticket costs? Luckily for me MM was as smooth as can be.

Ok, I'm just going to restart this.

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