Friday, January 11, 2008

FF is a crazy mutha

Lets just pretend I'm the sort of person who is accustomed to saying mutha shall we? Suspension of disbelief people!

Basically, we're in a rather odd mood-swinging stage. I'm mood swinging because A: I'm under a lot of stress (I defy anyone to say otherwise and be able to back that claim up with impirical data. Never mind the children starving in Africa, I have stress) and B: PMS, it is our friend.

FF is mood swinging because he keeps slipping in and out of reality. He knows damn well that if a man answers my phone its going to be MM (- N.b. MM is no longer an appropriate name. Navy Man? Suggestions?) And yet I get this lovely text:

Some strange man is answering ur phone. Lol. Call me when u can.

Ok, I can forgive him for not knowing what MM/NM sounds like. But surely he has the braincells to put 2 and 2 together?

Then this morning he rings. I respond in a cheery, friendly but not heartbroken ex-lover manner (specific eh?). For a while the conversation goes well. He asks if he can come over to hang out, I don't see why that's a bad idea. The man is hurting and if I can at least give him a hug whilst repeated the mantra: "No, I don't love you like that, no I won't marry you, yes it's a shame, yes I'm moving on. No, I don't love you....." then where's the harm?

Ohhh the milk of human kindness is not a taste which suits me.

Proceed to the emails!

4 u (he's extremely literate is FF)

I still love you

(Cue a link to a flat which I could afford but which is all women and in Plumstead, land of the stabbing)

So somehow he possesses the braincells to know that should I move into an all girl's flat MM/NM can't move in with me. But he doesn't have the braincells to figure out its NM/MM answering the phone?

This is all very confusing. I think something may be afoot.

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