Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Picadilly Line proves airport security is irrelevant

To be fair, we shouldn't buy in to the paranoia surrounding terrorism. Living a healthy life generally doesn't involve looking over your shoulder constantly looking for the thinnest trace of beard or complete lack of self-respect from those around you (depending on the sex of course). On the Picadilly line you just can't help it though! Imagine spending 2 hours on a packed tube train with lots and lots of suitcases with no one standing anywhere near them and as you are traversing into the outer fringes of London of course you are in there with as many immigrants as you could possibly want! Nothing wrong with that usually, but you're on your way to the airport, you start to get edgy.

They will search your car before you park in Heathrow car park. They will make you go through no less than 5 security check points before you can get to the oh-so-precious duty free shops. But if you'd like to take whatever the hell you want on a packed, metal tube full of venerable human flesh you don't even need a ticket on most stops.

George Carlin was spot on. There is no security in a metal death trap in the sky. So why the hell would they make us wait 3 hours to get on one?

Eventually though I got to home (Missouri, my final destination). I was greeted by my mother throwing up as she was greening out. (Incredibly pleasant). Today she gave me a pink, fluffy jewelry box with a sequin butterfly on for the purposes of 'hiding the seedier items you own' and is currently scowering the back yard for precious metals with the metal detector she received. So far a piece of tinfoil and 2 bottle caps, should be an interesting day!

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