Thursday, December 27, 2007

Let's blow some women up shall we?

I am of the opinion that war is like a game of chess. If you want to play your moves should be cold and calculated because if you get too emotional you're going to make mistake or just kill people for the sake of killing people. If you're killing people for the sake of it, you're not on a mission to do anything. You're just a mass murderer. It takes away any dignity you may have had.

Of course that then leads to the question: Is there any dignity in war? No! But for the sake of this post making any logical sense we must say yes.

Ms Bhutto was blown up today. But she wasn't just blown up according to the latest news! Someone came out with an AK47 and hit her with a few bullets first. Because apparently high powered explosives may not get the job done.

Why? Because this was quite obviously a crime of passion. And why on earth would you hate someone that much? I can think of quite a few reasons why the extremists may have hated her but the only one screaming out in my mind at the moment is: Because she was a she.

Feminism is dead. Thats what a lot of people in the west are convinced of. And I would agree with them up to a point. There are quite a few cases where feminism should just be replaced with self-respect. No, you don't have to wear that skimpy outfit, people should focus on your mind. No, you don't need to sleep with that man, just do what you're comfortable with.

On a global scale however, feminism should still be alive and well. A woman leading a middle eastern country was a big deal. If she had led it again, it would have been just as big a deal. Women in Egypt are still being circumcised because they labour under the false impression that not being horribly mutilated will cause them to be promiscuous. The sex/slavery trade is still alive and well.

What is it about women that causes this? And how can a human being hate so much that they would commit such an uncallous murder?

I'm almost convinced that this all leads back to morality. What the hell is it and why do we have it?

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