Saturday, December 29, 2007

My shame?

I wanted to post this. Mostly as a big fuck you to my own stupidity but also to say: Hey look humanity! Or maybe show my shame? I don't honestly know what to think about the fact I produced this.

Anyway! This is an email to the man who will henceforth be referred to as Master Material.

To put this in context since talking to you I have gone shopping, I have had a lot of weed and played Tekken all night and now some neighborhood (by which I mean the neighbors up the hill) dogs have come to say hi so I am sitting on a couch in my warm jacket entertaining two Labradors. Its a different world here!

This is what I would do to you, so I'm being honest here, don't run away. Similarly, there is a side of me that loves this. Usually I'd say her name was Elena, but I think I might be gentler with you than she would be. There are innumerable reasons I don't usually do this. For more details see me after class.

When you say something makes you frustrated and I say good that is because it is the ideal. Regardless of whether it makes you angry or not frustration is a better state to be in than any other. A contented person will go with the flow, and you don't want that. A frustrated person will fight, and resist and plead and beg. A frustrated person can be brought to the brink and then pulled at the last moment, and this can go on as long as you like, as long as they're secured properly. A frustrated and desperate person never gets bored.

Where you can feel is another key point. If someone is ticklish you want to avoid touching that area lightly, but if someone is almost numb you can play with that area and mould it until the nerves are screaming out whichever song you wish.

I would tie you to the bedposts, making sure both of us were naked, so that your arms and legs were almost tight together and make sure that you couldn't see. My tongue would move over your collarbone and up your neck, pausing to bite your earlobes and tell you that if you were good I would let you speak, but if you spoke out of turn I would make sure you were gagged as well.

My hands would move down your lower back with my fingers lightly brushing your hips bones. I would then bring down my hips so that you could feel the heat from my core but I would not touch you. My hands would then move up your stomach slowly, touching your chest and teasing you, not quite reaching your nipples while my mouth lowers to tease you with my breath.

I would like your nipples gently, teasing them until stiff and then tweaking them with the tips of my fingers. My stomach would come down and lightly press against your cock, grinding softly and then lifting off. I would give you a quick, sharp bite to keep you alert.

Then my mouth would tease the end of your cock. My tongue would run over the top, tasting and teasing you. And this is where your nerves come into play. On the side I would have a glass of ice-cubes and a candle. I would light the candle and put an ice cube in my mouth, taking your cock in my hand and gently pulling to distract you. The wax would build up and I would let one drop fall on your nipple. As soon as the wax was cool I would make my mouth cover your flesh. My tongue bar would be colder than the rest of my mouth and I would use that to stimulate you further. My hips would rise up and I would press my wetness on to you, showing you that I was ready for you, but that I wouldn't let you inside of me yet.

My mouth would then be right over yours, so close that you could kiss me. I'll ask you what you want, whether you want me. I'll tell you to beg. If you do it well, I will let you taste me, and then I will take you in my mouth, as deep as I can go. If you do it very well I will continue to do this until I can taste your readiness.

If you do it badly, or you don't sound as if you mean it, I will test your idea that the shaft of your cock can't feel by treating it the same as I did your nipples. The ice cube will be on hand but my teeth will scrape off the dried wax and you will be in my mouth, but not all the way. My hands will do most of the work while my tongue teases your tip. Should you make amends, I may take more of you, but that will be at my discretion.

Were you like the other boys I would then usually leave you for 5 minutes. And not in an awkward, sit next to you and do nothing, sense. I would leave the room and have you stay there, completely exposed with no hope of moving or even seeing who is in the room with you, or who could come in at any moment, for 5 minutes. I would close the door so quietly that you couldn't sure I'd done it at all. But you're not quite as attentive, and I wouldn't want you to become unprepared in my absence.

Instead I would stop abruptly, and fumble for a moment repositioning myself, before impaling myself on your cock. My nails would scratch your stomach as I ground into you and then they would move up to play with your nipples. I would tell you to show your appreciation and show me how much you were enjoying yourself and in turn your gasps would make me grind harder and faster.

When I could see you were getting close to orgasm I would sit back and remove your blindfold. I would lift myself up slowly so you could see everything and then lower myself again, tightening my muscles as I did. I would ask you if you wanted to cum. If you said no, I would grind you incredibly slowly until I came, and then stop.

If you said yes (assuming you'd been good) I would remove your harnesses and tell you you could be in control of your own orgasm.

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