Saturday, February 23, 2008


Why does anyone care when I arrive at work? No, wrong question, why is it that no one who I actually work for gives a crap about when I arrive at work, and yet a woman who I barely speak to in the course of a lifetime cares so very very much that she's going to dock my pay for every precious second which ticks away while I go to the bathroom. Why?

I could understand if her soul purpose at this hell hole we call 'work' was to inspect when I arrived at my desk. But its not. And what gets me the most is that she sits on the complete other end of the department. She cannot see into our office. How does she know when I arrive? If she checks my log-in times thats just laughable, I'll get the cynical bastard who sits opposite me to log me in. He won't mind, it's 'breaking the system man'. And if she doesn't! Well then she just sits there every morning with a pair of binoculars scouting me out, which makes me think she secretly wants to ask me out on a date.

If only I didn't love my bed so goddamn much.

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